From the Acting Principal's desk

As we draw near to the end of 2016, we can look back with a sense of pride at all we have achieved.

Our annual Prize-giving ceremonies highlighted the achievements of our learners in the academic, sport and cultural arenas.

We take this opportunity to wish our Grade 7s all of the very best as they open new chapters in their lives and face the challenges that entering high school can bring.  We know that they will continue to make us proud, safe in the knowledge that Rietondale has given them a solid foundation.

The Prefect body of 2016 has been exceptional.  We express our gratitude and appreciation for the fine examples they set for the learners of this School.  They have been true ambassadors and their cameradie and esprit de corps set them apart from previous groups.  We will be following their high school careers and beyond, with great interest. 

It is time to say farewell too, to members of staff. 

We take leave of Miss Mogashoa who has assisted in the Admin Office.  We thank her and wish her well in her future endeavours.

Mrs Loggenberg has taught English to Grade 4s since she started at Rietondale and has done a fine job.  She leaves to join her veterinarian husband in Kroonstad.  We thank her for all she has done for the children of our School and wish her and her family well as they settle down in the Free State.

Mrs Lello is the quintessential Grade 1 teacher.  Her vast experience, warmth and compassion are exactly what the little ones need at the start of their school careers.  The Handbell and Handchimes Choir was her initiative and many an audience was in awe at the repertoire they performed.  Mrs Lello and her husband are bound for Mozambique to do mission work.  Our thanks and appreciation for the positive contribution made to Rietondale and the community.

Where does one begin to acknowledge a teacher who has dedicated 41 years to education, 34 of them here at Rietondale?  Mrs Greeff’s impact on Rietondale children has spanned

generations.  Parents come back and proudly announce “Mrs G was my Grade 1 teacher.”  Mrs Greeff has experienced first hand the changing face of education and with each change, has motivated her colleagues to accept and implement whatever came their way.  Her positive attitude, integrity, loyalty and tenacity have made her the ideal mentor for young teachers.  The experience gained from teaching across all grades over the years has given her a wealth of knowledge that all who have taught with her have benefited from.

And so we take this opportunity to bid Mrs Greeff farewell, to voice our thanks and appreciation for the life-long commitment to Rietondale Primary and the community.  May retirement be as fulfilling as the days you spent in the classroom – take care, Mrs G.

To the rest;  the teachers and their assistants, the Admin, Support and Auxiliary staff, thank you for finishing the year at the same pace we began, for making maintaining standards a priority and for caring for the children entrusted to us.

We would not be able to achieve what we do without the support of parents who know that working together with the School will ultimately benefit their children.

The School Governing Body, under the fine leadership of Chairman Mr Kingon, has worked hard to uphold the excellent reputation this School has in the District.  Our thanks, at this time, to Mr Lowe and Mr Donald, who will be leaving the School at the end of the year, for the many years of selfless service as parents and as members of the SGB.

The revival of the PTA has been phenomenal – Dr Dawood and Mrs du Plessis, (both on the SGB), have steered the many projects tackled by the PTA with outstanding results.  Our sincere thanks to these two hard-working ladies and to the various sub-committees who have raised substantial amounts for the School with their fund-raising initiatives.

Other members of our Rietondale family who need to be recognised and thanked for their ongoing support are (a) MWC, the Mothers who Care (b) Reading Moms and Grannies (c) School Shop organisers and (d) Mini-sport coaches.  Their involvement add to making the School what it is.

To each and every learner – we are so proud of all you have achieved this year.  We look forward to starting 2017, bright-eyed and eager to learn, facing whatever challenges are thrown our way, together, as members of this wonderful family we call Rietondale!

Spend time with family and friends, recharge your batteries.  Happy holidays!


Miss M Mulder

Acting Principal


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