From the Acting Principal's desk

At the end of the second term, we look back and reflect on the many highlights of the past three months.  Please take time to read the articles in this Newsletter as they detail all that has been achieved.

In Staff News, we welcomed Miss H Hlophe as our new Head of Department : Guidance who, from the outset, has made positive connections with her colleagues and learners.  Miss Hlophe has already become a valued member of the School Management Team.

As you are aware, Mrs L Diesel will be taking up a post in the Western Cape as from the third term.  We thank her once again for the significant contribution she has made as a teacher and in her position as Head of Department.  Our very best wishes accompany her.

It’s always so gratifying when former pupils return to the Rietondale fold.  Miss A Manca will take over Mrs Diesel’s Grade 2 class next term.  Welcome home, Miss Manca.

Wedding bells will chime during the holidays for Miss C Wilsnagh (Gr 6).  We wish her and Eben Terblanche many blessings on their special day and for the years that lie ahead.

It is also time to say farewell to Michael and his mom Renate Aschenbrenner, the owners of the Tuck Shop.  After many years of serving the Rietondale community, they have decided to hang up their aprons and set their sights on new adventures.  We take this opportunity to thank them for being part of our family, for their warmth and generosity and for the genuine care shown for all who visited their establishment.  Our very best wishes to them both – Aufwiedersehen!

Time now to pay tribute to all who have made this term such a success :

The SMT – for their wisdom and patience, for taking the lead, for making well-considered decisions and for their commitment to maintaining the quality of education Rietondale is renowned for;

The Team Leaders – for taking charge of every aspect of running their grades and for caring about the well-being of every learner and teacher in their grades;

The teachers (and their assistants) – for their dedication and loyalty to the School, for encouraging and motivating their learners to achieve, both inside the classroom, on the sports fields or in cultural activities, for striving to make a difference in the lives of our learners;

The Admin and Support Staff – for being the backbone of the School, for ensuring that teaching and learning can take place effectively, for caring for each member of our family in a variety of ways;

Our children – for making us proud of their achievements, no matter how insignificant they think they may be;

All our parents – for the supportive role they play.  By being there for their children when they are needed, they are supporting the School too.

They talk about “partnership in education” and here at Rietondale, this is clearly evident.  All of these people above are working for a common goal, to provide the best education possible and to produce happy, well-rounded young people who can take up their place in society one day.

Thank you for the part you play in this process!

Happy winter holidays to all!  To those travelling, take care and come back safely.

Miss M Mulder                                                                                                                                                                                                 Acting Principal


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